Paintball - There Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of CO2 Vs HPA

Paintball - There Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of CO2 Vs HPA

Here is a list of some advantages and disadvantages of utilizing CO2 or HPA (High Pressure Air) on your paintball marker. HPA can check with each Compressed Air or N2 (Nitrogen).

Advantages CO2
-Most cost-effective propellant supply and usually essentially the most available.
-CO2 takes up less room, as many of the CO2 is stored as liquid and it convert gasoline (pressure) with ambient heat. (More photographs per tank).
-CO2 tanks are cheaper to purchase.
-Smaller CO2 tanks are exempt from Hydrotesting, however do expire after 15 years.

Disadvantages CO2
-Limited ambient heat (below 5oC), will not convert enough liquid to gasoline for most markers.
-Not all markers work on CO2 anymore, particularly higher rates of fire semis.
-Tanks can over pressurize (with higher temperatures) and blow out rupture disks.
-Tanks can enhance their pressure with high ambient temperatures, to over 1,300 p.s.i. (normally -800-1,000 p.s.i.), which can cause unregulated markers to shoot too fast for safety.
-Unless you remove the tank and weigh gameon it, you do not know how much CO2 is left in the tank.

Advantages HPA
-HPA refers to Compressed Air or Nitrogen fuel as much as four,500 p.s.i.
-Under our (Canada) temperatures, it's a more stable supply of propellant. Which means that the velocity is stable for most of the day.
-Can be used to play "Winter" paintball outside, we play down to -15oC, however markers seem to work -at colder temperatures. (Nevertheless, batteries do not work well at these temperatures.)
-You do not freeze the markers seals or o-rings with every shot.
-Easy fills, normally with out eradicating the tank from the marker.
-Works on all markers, but may want particular outputs (high or low) for some.
-Safer source usually than CO2. (Could do a whole article on this alone).
-Full 4,500 p.s.i. fills should not offered all over the place, and sometimes not even 3,000 p.s.i. fills, which limit your pictures per tanks.
-Gauge on tank enables you to see how much pressure you've gotten left.

Disadvantages HPA

-Higher pressures than CO2.
-Typically not as available as CO2.
-Potentially higher price to use per shot.
-Tanks should be hydrotested each 3-5 years (typically) , and expire after 15 years, or so many Hrydotests.
-Fiber wrapped tanks can have their fibers broken, and then are unsafe to fill, and will NOT pass Hyrdotesting. These all ought to be used with a protective cover over the fibers.
-Oil or petroleum primarily based merchandise can flash under HPA pressures (three,000 p.s.i. +) and explode, so none of those products can be used to restore fill nipples that leak, air lines, etc. Leaking fill nipples should be replaced.
-Fill nipples needs to be covered and guarded against debris.


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Non è il lungo stop per l'infortunio al ginocchio a fermare il campione, infatti Federer torna sul trono di un torneo del Grande Slam. Non accadeva da Wimbledon 2012. Per 'King' Roger è il 18° Slam in carriera, il quinto a Melbourne, a sette anni dal trionfo del 2010. Federer, che non batteva Nadal in uno Slam dalla finale di Wimbledon del 2007, all'età di 35 anni diventa così il secondo giocatore più 'anziano' a conquistare uno Slam dopo Ken Rosewall.

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